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About AfterSchool Labs

Afterschool Labs (our friends call us “A-Labs”) is an educational services company based in Huntsville, Alabama. The company was organized to provide comprehensive afterschool and summer programs to enhance student achievement and foster soft skills development. Our operating partners include professional educators and curriculum development experts, former K12 superintendents, and legal and financial experts with extensive experience in public education administration. The versatility of our team provides an array of experience and perspectives which pushes us to serve clients “better today than yesterday … every day”.

A-Labs’ mission is to provide students with interest-based, curriculum-rich programs to spur engagement, enjoyment, and safety of all students. Our programs span PreK through 6th grade and emphasize; developmentally appropriate practice, literacy ‘Propulsion’ curriculum, and hands-on STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, arts & mathematics) modules.

A-Labs’ curriculum is developed and curated internally, which facilitates customization, agility and prompt response to meet the ever-evolving needs (and preferences) of our client-Districts. The specific content is geared to improve academic performance and achievement in the classroom and to foster development of leadership and teamwork skills.

On behalf of our clients and student-families, A-Labs coordinates directly with the Alabama Department of Human Resources Childcare Management Agency and Family Guidance Centers to facilitate tuition assistance for qualifying families. In our efforts to increase accessibility to AfterSchool Labs programs, we strive to reduce economic and other logistical barriers to participation wherever practicable. For more information regarding tuition assistance and subsidies, click here.

A-Labs’ afterschool programs operate from the close of the school day to 5:45 PM CST. Each school is assigned a dedicated site leader who serves as a go-to contact for staff, parents, and school administration. We strive to assign highly qualified teachers and assistants to each of our classes – and we strongly prefer to engage teachers who are already familiar with the host school site and its students. By providing highly trained staff, inquiry-based curriculum, and well-defined operational procedures, A-Labs ensures an exceptional extended learning program for students, parents, and school communities.

Afterschool Labs' extended learning programs are designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • 1. Improve academic performance of students, as measured by both grades and standardized test scores
  • 2. Foster the development of student leadership and teamwork
  • 3. Increase parent involvement and satisfaction in extended learning programs
  • 4. Develop talentedafterschool staff through extensive evaluation, coaching, and professional development opportunities
  • 5. Strengthen school communities by connecting students’ extended learning experiences to the school year curriculum and culture

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