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About AfterSchool Labs

ALABS has been a tremendous tool for Fort Payne City Schools to address our learning loss that occurred during the pandemic.  We have implemented after-school tutoring programs for students in grades K-5 and a summer literacy camp for students in grades K-3.   Our data has increased at every grade that has utilized ALABS.   For the first time our District has earned an overall grade of an A on the state report card.  Additionally, our schools using ALABS increased their achievement data for every grade.  In 2019 our overall student achievement data was 46.22 percent proficient for our students (grades 3-4) at Williams Avenue School. This year, our Spring 2021 data was 49.71 percent proficient for our students (grades 3-5) at Little Ridge Intermediate School.  A 3.49 percent increase in proficiency is almost unheard of following a pandemic and virtual learning.   We accredited this success to tools like ALABS that we have implemented for our students! 

~ Paula Muskett, Assistant Superintendent, Fort Payne City Schools

"A-Labs provides a high-quality after-school program that focuses on improvement of students’ educational outcomes, attendance, and social and emotional learning.  The program is designed utilizing a forty minute rotation schedule for the classes.  The students are engaged in the lessons which assists in closing the learning gap.  The data reveal that students who participated in the A-Labs program have shown academic growth and higher attendance rates.  The students are most excited about the STEM curriculum which is amazing.  All materials needed are provided through A-Labs.  The A-Labs staff members are amazing to work with.  They are always available to provide support when needed.  Our teachers are excited to be a part of the after-school program.  At the district level, payroll can become a cumbersome task.  A-Labs  eliminates internal hassles that are associated with operating extended learning programs."

~ Dr. Tanya Guin, Director of Elementary Education, Walker County Schools

Afterschool Labs (our friends call us “A-Labs”) is an educational services company based in Huntsville, Alabama. The company was organized to provide comprehensive afterschool and summer programs to enhance student achievement and foster soft skills development. Our operating partners include professional educators and curriculum development experts, former K12 superintendents, and legal and financial experts with extensive experience in public education administration. The versatility of our team provides an array of experience and perspectives which pushes us to serve clients “better today than yesterday … every day”.

A-Labs’ mission is to provide students with interest-based, curriculum-rich programs to spur engagement, enjoyment, and safety of all students. Our programs span PreK through 6th grade and emphasize; developmentally appropriate practice, literacy ‘Propulsion’ curriculum, and hands-on STREAM (science, technology, reading, engineering, arts & mathematics) modules.

A-Labs’ afterschool programs operate from the close of the school day to 5:45 PM CST. Each school is assigned a dedicated site leader who serves as a go-to contact for staff, parents, and school administration. We strive to assign highly qualified teachers and assistants to each of our classes – and we strongly prefer to engage teachers who are already familiar with the host school site and its students. By providing highly trained staff, inquiry-based curriculum, and well-defined operational procedures, A-Labs ensures an exceptional extended learning program for students, parents, and school communities.

Afterschool Labs' extended learning programs are designed to achieve the following outcomes:

  • 1. Improve academic performance of students, as measured by both grades and standardized test scores
  • 2. Foster the development of student leadership and teamwork
  • 3. Increase parent involvement and satisfaction in extended learning programs
  • 4. Develop talentedafterschool staff through extensive evaluation, coaching, and professional development opportunities
  • 5. Strengthen school communities by connecting students’ extended learning experiences to the school year curriculum and culture