Why You Should Spend Your Summer with Summer Labs

Well, it’s almost that time of year again…yep it’s almost SUMMER TIME! You and your kids have been in the groove of school for 10 months and now there are two whole months where you might be wondering what your children are going to do for the summer.

Look no further! We have your answer right here.

Summer Labs are a unique program that continues your child’s academic journey throughout the summer. Activities are focused around the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) curriculum to ensure your children are deepening their knowledge and having fun at the same time!

This summer we have 7 weeks full of academic, team-building and let’s not forget FUN, activities that are sure to send your child home talking about it! The program will be taking place at Blossomwood Elementary, Goldsmith Schiffman Elementary, Providence Elementary and Weatherly Elementary. Your student can attend any site they prefer, even if it is not their designated site. Even further, your student does NOT have to be a Huntsville City Schools student!

What can you expect? Here is a week-by-week breakdown!

Week 1
Have you ever wanted to take a Walk on the Wild Side? Now’s your chance with our week one STEAM module! This week will include activities such as discovering wild and unique animals and plants. You will also be able to take a field trip to Wheeler Wildlife Refuge to explore all the fascinating things you learned throughout the week!

Week 2
We’re in Huntsville, Alabama so of course there is going to be space talk! Week two will be all about The Great Space Race, focusing on all things NASA such as astronomy and engineering. Your child will even get to take a field trip to the most visited attraction in Alabama, that’s right, The Space and Rocket Center! Who knows, you could have a future astronaut on your hands!

Week 3
A little camera shy? That’s not a problem here! This week, week three, will be all about creativity and learning to work together toward a bigger picture which in this case is making a movie! Your student will learn the creative process behind making a movie such as writing, directing, acting, editing and designing. They will even get to take a trip to the movie theatre! (movie still TBD)

Week 4
Art and engineering are two of our STEAM concepts that we focus on here at Afterschool Labs. This week students will discover their artistic capabilities as well as their engineering skills and combine them to be Artistically Engineered. Your child’s brain is sure to get to work this week because it will be all about design principles, problem solving and creative projects. What better way to sum up a week of learning how to be artistically engineered than to take a field trip to an art museum to see first hand what some of the greatest artists have created!

Week 5
Two words…Risky Business. Week five will focus on reactions of objects and matter big or small! Ever wondered how fireworks create light and sound? All answers to your questions will be discovered this week just in time for the Fourth of July! Each site will be throwing a Fourth of July Bash to celebrate the upcoming holiday!

Week 6
Ahoy Matey! I think it’s fair to say most kids dress up and play as a character they want to be. Have they even played Ninjas vs. Pirates? In this week six curriculum your student will go through every STEAM component to decide if they are more fit to be a pirate or a ninja by taking the concepts learned in each module and learning the ins and outs of pirate and ninja life. They will get to put all their knowledge to the test at AMF Bowling for their field trip.

Week 7
You can’t spell STEAM without TEAM!! This week is all about sportsmanship and competition of the body, mind and creativity. All activities will encourage STEAM principles to ensure your student is having fun but also getting the most out of the activity! At the end of this week, your student will get to visit the Rocket City Arcade!

Doesn’t this all sound like a BLAST!? We think so!

We would love nothing more than for your kiddos to join us this summer and enjoy all the wonderful activities we have planned for them.

Please visit our website at helloafterschool.com/hcs-our-programs for more information and to enroll! If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (256) 382-1057 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

-The Afterschool Labs Team

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